Life Insurance

This is why it is important to have a Life Insurance Policy in place when planning your family’s financial future and stability. Your loved ones depend on your financial support for their livelihood that is why life insurance is a must, it replaces your income when you die or become disabled. This is for all intents and purposes important for parents of young children or couples whose partner will find it difficult if they no longer have the source of income provided by their partner.  No amount of money can ever replace a person. But more than anything, life insurance can help provide protection for the uncertainties in life. Without a doubt, having life insurance coverage will bring you and your family peace of mind. It’s one thing you can be sure of and no longer question if they’ll be taken care of when you are no longer with us. None of us know when we’ll pass away. It could be today, tomorrow, or 50 years into the future, but it will happen eventually. Life insurance protects your heirs from the unknown and helps them through an otherwise difficult time of loss.

A husband does not know the value of Life Insurance, only a widow does.

Cash, Flexibility, plus Safety, All in One Policy.

Indexed Universal Life (IUL) insurance is permanent life insurance that offers a death benefit and the ability to build cash value. What sets IUL apart are its interest crediting options. They include:

  • A guaranteed fixed rate of interest, and
  • Interest based in part on one or more market indices such as the Standard and Poor’s 500® (S&P®)
  • A cap is typically placed on the credited rate of interest, and a minimum 0% floor helps guard against market-based losses.

If you want less risk than a variable universal life policy but greater cash value potential than a universal life policy, an IUL policy may be right for you.

Contrary to popular belief, life does hold a few guarantees – one sure thing is that all who apply for a Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance policy will be accepted. A true guaranteed issue life insurance policy is sold without regard to medical history, current health conditions or age.

Since these policies are open to anyone, guaranteed issue life insurance policies do not require a medical exam or even ask you to provide a medical history. Basic information, such as name, age, address, etc., is all that required by an insurance company for this type of policy.

A guaranteed issue life insurance policy can be considered whole life, as opposed to term life, as these types of policies accrue a cash value over time. The cash value is usually acquired after the first couple of years. A portion of the premiums pay for the cost of insurance, while the rest of your monthly payments go towards building the cash value.

This type of policy comes with a set duration limit on the coverage period. Once the policy is expired, it is up to the policy owner to decide whether to renew the term life insurance policy or to let the coverage end. This type of insurance policy contrasts with permanent life insurance, in which duration extends until the policy owner reaches 100 years of age

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