College Savings Plan

Covers “ALL qualified higher education expenses” – including: Tuition, Room and Board, Mandatory Fees, Books and Computers. Many plans have a contribution limit of $200,000. Not ours. No Age limits open to adult and children.  No residency requirements. Enrollment open ALL Year! We offer a wide array of policies to meet all kinds of expected costs associated with the higher education planning of your child. Up to one million in qualified higher education plans. Give the Gift of College all year round without the restrictions of your in-state 529 Plan. According to a U.S. News & World Report over 82% of college bound students end up going to college outside the state of residence. Give your child the choice and freedom of where they would like to attend school without jeopardizing quality over costs.

Why Choose and Endowment Policy for College Funding?

Because it provides a guarantee amount of money, regardless of the changing economic environment, interest rates or investment returns.

Guarantees …

  • Your money is GUARANTEE TO GROW, without investment risk or interest rates declines.
  • Adult life insurance coverage guarantees the full benefit payment for your beneficiary (ies).
  • Your premium payment(s) are fixed and guarantee to never increase.

Flexibility …

  • You can use the money for anything you decide, not just college expenses.
  • Your policy will accumulate a cash value over time, which you can access.

Benefits …

  • A sound financial vehicle for gifting and charitable giving
  • Your money is not included as part of your assests for financial aid calculations
  • Policy rider permits you to purchase up to four additional endowments

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